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More than 300 shadecloths are available to protect workstations and people from direct sunlight, while permitting a view to the outside.

Our technically advanced, lineally woven shadecloths feature:
• A sophisticated color palette.
• A wide range of densities, from 0 to 5% open.
• Protection for a building’s interior furnishings and
  occupants from harmful UV rays, heat-gain, and solar
• Specialty fabrications for room-darkening, privacy,
  and acoustical applications.
• A unified, organized collection for quick, informative
• A guide to finding the ideal shadecloth in each deck.

MechoSystems' shadecloths green credentials include:
• Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified—AcoustiVeil.
• Cradle to Cradle Certified bronze—EcoVeil.
• Innovation in Design LEED credits—EcoVeil.

Shadecloth Features Selector