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ElectroShade® < 45° Radius Center Support

NOTE: Edge Clearances A and B, for angled shades, are determined based on:

1) Regular Roll or Reverse Roll,
2) Rolled-up diameter,
3) Up or down position of the shade, and
4) Angle of the window wall.

The edge clearances shown below for Electro®/1 & 2 are at an 22-1/2 degree + 22-1/2 degree angle off the radius, with a 2-1/2 in. (64mm) tube, and the shade in the full-down position. Edge clearance for Electro/3 is based on a 1-3/4" tube. As the shade rises edge clearances will increase on a Regular Roll shade and decrease on a Reverse Roll shade. The amount of variance will depend on both the height and the angle of the shade.

Edge Clearance C, for non-angled shades, is unaffected by the above factors.


The following < 45° Radius Center Support Brackets use the < 45° Radius Universal Joint and a pair of center support brackets.