MechoNet™ Network Interface
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MechoNetTM Network Interface

All-Inclusive Communication and Control

Our MechoNet Network Interface (MNI) is just that: an interface. The MNI can unite different MechoSystems window coverings for all-inclusive, harmonious operation. It's also able to communicate with devices and networks from various manufacturers.

Motorized window-covering systems—ours as well as others'—are connected here, to the end-user's controls. Whether those are low-voltage, dry-contact controls; RF remotes; or wireless controls, the MNI allows them to operate any motorized shade, drapery track, or blind system. And more.

It provides a network for communication between window coverings and:

  • • Wireless IR remotes.
  • • Lighting, A/V, and HVAC systems.
  • • Whole-building automation systems.
  • • Switches, keypads, and apps.
  • • Any 3rd-party user interface.


  • • Four low-voltage, motor-control ports.
  • • A wireless, IR-control port.
  • • Two daisy-chain MechoNet ports.
  • • Four configurable, low-voltage, dry-contact input-control ports.
  • • An RS-232/RS-485 integration port.

MNI Spec Submittal

RS-232 Protocol Document