Manual Shades
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MechoShade System Mecho®/5 & SlimLine
Mecho®/5 shade system

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Classic Mecho®/5 roller-shade system

The fifth generation of MechoSystems' popular manual shade system features:
• Easy installation.
• Smooth operation, thanks to its patented clutch design.
• A clean design aesthetic with fascia, pockets, and closure   accessories.
• Optimized light control through optional room-darkening
  channels—mounted inside the jamb, outside, or overhead.
• Little upkeep due to its heavy-duty hardware.
• 25-year lifetime limited warranty with 100% replacement
  and no depreciation over the life of the warranty.
• Design flexibility with its Standard, SlimLine, Extended,
  and DoubleShade® brackets.
• Easy removal and maintenance of shadecloth bands with
  the SnapLoc® spline and optional SnapLoc fascia.

Awards include:
• Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze with EcoVeil®
  or EcoVeil Sheer.
Interior Design magazine's Best of Year
  Merit/ROSCOE award.
• Recipient of CEPro BEST (Best Electronic Systems
  Technologies) Award.
• Best of NeoCon® Gold in Window-Treatment category.