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Fixed Shades

Fixed Shades are non-retracting shades that are custom fitted to the architectural details of the window. They can also be used as a creative attention-getting corporate identity or advertising banners. Fixed shades can be made in a wide variety of custom shapes and mounting solutions. Some of the more popular fixed shade solutions are:

Frame Mounted Fixed Shades:

A shadecloth mounted in an aluminum frame with Velcro strips on the back of the frame for mounting.

Freeform Fixed Shades:

A Freeform Fixed Shade is a loose sheet of shadecloth, trimmed to the size and shape of the window opening or glazing with velcro strips along the edges to mount the shadecloth. If you send us a .dfx file of any shape, at actual size, our computerized shade cutting system will cut it accurately.

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shades:

A finished shadeband, complete with SnapLoc® Spline and concealed hem bar, is mounted to a SnapLoc "C" channel on the wall or ceiling. A fixed shade can also be hung from the ceiling by mounting the shadeband, complete with SnapLoc Spline and concealed hem bar, on a SnapLoc tube, which is then hung from the ceiling by cables.

Fixed ImageShades®:

Custom inkjet images can be reproduced right on the shadecloth. Motorized ImageShades can save on having to erect scaffolding each time you need to replace banners.