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MechoShade System Mecho®/5 & SlimLine
Mecho®/5 shade system

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MechoShade® < 12° Radius Center Support

NOTE: Edge Clearances A & B for angled shades are determined based on:

1) Regular Roll or Reverse Roll,
2) Rolled up diameter,
3) Up or down position of the shade, and
4) Angle of the window wall.

The edge clearances shown below for Mecho®/5 are at a 6 degree + 6 degree angle off the radius, with a 1-1/2 in. (38mm) tube and the shade in the full down position. As the shade rises edge clearances will increase on a Regular Roll shade and decrease on a Reverse Roll shade. The amount of variance will depend on height of the shade and the angle.

Edge Clearance C, for non-angled shades, is unaffected by the above factors.

The following < 12° Radius Center Support applications use the standard MechoShade brackets, tube connector, and tube plugs.